Medical tourism

Syzran skin and Venereological dispensary PROVIDES various medical services in the field of dermatology and venereology, including an appointment and examination by a dermatovenerologist, ozone therapy, balneotherapy, and services in the field of trichology. During the entire period of operation of our institution, surveys have shown the satisfaction of the population with medical care — 67% of the number of respondents, the number of justified complaints, including the refusal to provide medical care provided under the territorial program — 0.

The main doctor Kabakin Igor Viktorovich - doctor-dermatovenerologist of the highest category, work experience: more than 33 years
Since 2007, he has been the chief doctor of the state budgetary healthcare institution of the Samara region "Syzran skin and venereal dispensary". She has certificates in the specialties "health Organization and public health", "Dermatovenerology", "Therapy","Endoscopy". Certified for the highest qualification category in the specialty "health Organization and public health" and the first qualification category in the specialties "Dermatovenerology", "Endoscopy".

Kaminsky Peter Nikolaevich-dermatovenerologist of the first category.
Work experience: 28 years.
Work experience as the head of the outpatient Department - dermatovenerologist-7 years.
Awarded the diploma of the city Duma of Syzran in 2013 for conscientious work and success in work.

Syzran skin and venereal dispensary HAS a large number of positive reviews from patients, you can find them here.

You can make an appointment with a doctor using an Internet record, or in person through the registry. You can read the rules of patient admission here.